Investing With Us 

Investing at Carvco Industries is about the legacy that you want to leave, that will be here long after you are gone. It is about the legacy of future generations. At Carvco Industries Limited we are determined to take care of all our shareholders so that tomorrow is secured. 

Our share instruments are fully transferable, and maybe bought or sold, or even willed to a next of kin.  

 A Safe Investment 

In protecting you we have developed a policy for the use of the funds invested with us. 

  • 10% of all share capital will be invested in a stable long term interest-earning investment instrument 

  • 10% will be placed in a reserve account and will be invested in short term investment instruments 

  • 75% of all share capital to be invested in featured investment projects. 

  • 5% will be used on a combination of capital expenditure and selling and administration expenses associated with the issue of shares.

This is an ideal opportunity to invest both in a growing company and in a specific project. 

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